Hal's Music Videos


Painkillers perfromed at Cotton Road Camp during Songs on the Bayou Songwriters Festival (2017) https://youtu.be/kBsQ1yaidq4

Video by William Gil Films


 Blue Collar Town (2014) https://youtu.be/7ZnQPFnsfBg  Video by William Gil Films


High Rollin' Man performed at Outlaw Fest! (2014) https://youtu.be/3FwIkUtvXZ0  Video by William Gil Films


The Last Honky Tonk (Wayne Mills cover) https://youtu.be/Se2-15XVQbM performed at Outlaw Fest in Kentucky 2015.  

Video by William Gil Films


High Rollin' Man (2015)     https://youtu.be/v6FkEOLOlwU  Video by William Gil Films


Country State of Mind (Hank Jr. cover) featuring Josh Newcom https://youtu.be/pLqCoaqAguM Video by William Gil Films


 Memories of You  https://youtu.be/vn8jiAmYaXg  Video by William Gil Films


My Louisiana Home     https://youtu.be/ul1vVtI8gD4 Video by William Gil Films


Testosterone from 'DAT's the Life!' outdoor variety series  https://youtu.be/l3Qrr8MLGq8

This video of Hal's song, "Testosterone", was shot during the filming of the first episode of the outdoor variety television series "Dat's the Life" in January of 2014.

Videography by Leighton Boggs and Curt Brewer. Edited by William Gil.
copyright 2014, Dasahit Publishing and Productions, LLC


 Hal BRUNI EPK 2017   https://youtu.be/GRqDHfXh-TY   Video by William Gil Films


DAT's the Life! promo clip https://youtu.be/FFw-PvwJJns  Video by DASAHIT

Dat's the Life! ...a one minute clip of the new outdoor variety series, Dat's the Life!


 Fishin' with Friends clip form 'DAT's the Life!https://youtu.be/6kwuVmwVddc






Watch Hal Bruni and Chris Moondawg Hall's Artist to Artist interview for the Last Honky Tonk Music Series!







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